Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010

The driver gave some insight to property ownership, and we saw the Iolani Palace from the outside only since this was a 15 minute stop. We also went up into the mountains to see the Punchbowl Cemetery, and Nuuanu Pali, before heading to the USS Arizona.
Due to the length of time waiting for the specific tour time at the Memorial, there was no time to see Waikiki, Diamond Head, or much of anything else
The Memorial had two interesting museums while waiting for your time to board the launch to the Memorial. One of the features is a scale model of the Arizona and the Memorial which was especially interesting since the water at the Memorial itself was murky.

There is still a sheen of oil and occasional bubbles of oil coming from the Arizona.
Hard to believe it was 69 years ago. The Memorial is simple and you are only allowed 15-20 minutes before heading back. Still it was very quiet and somber. Thanks to all our servicemen and women worldwide for their continued service.

Before returning to the ship, out tour bus drove through Chinatown, which appeared to me to be rather run down and dirty. The buildings are old and not well-kept. We got back to the ship too late to do anything else. Maybe next time we’ll see more…
The evening show was performed by a local hula dancing school for boys and girls, and was really enjoyable. Each dance was a story which was told first and you could follow the story through the movements. Very nice.
Tomorrow, we go to Kauai.

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